Desktop should be lowered when playing with toys to avoid bad shrugging posture.


Keep kids’ arms at 90 ° ~ 120 ° is the appropriate angle for using fingers and wrist on writing as well as good gesture of holding pens.


Keep the book stand up at 30° to reduce eye fatigue and lead to myopia lesions.

Stand up

More health risks are revealed in relation to sitting too much during the day, so to develop a good sit-stand habit for children from school age.

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For sixty years, we have been upholding the concepts of health, safety, environmental protection and happiness to pursue the fitness for human lifestyle now and future, and appealing to ergonomics and spine protection for the development of dynamic workstation and series products for the whole family in every stage.

Dynamic growth desks and chairs accompanied by many children’s healthy and happy growth. To let the children in the school age to develop correct posture, achieve the protection of the spine, away from myopia, reduce shoulder and neck pressure is our goal of continuous efforts.