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Bottom Tips (for EGO / EGO-C / BABO / DUO chairs)

Kid2Youth Ergonomic Furniture

Product features

  • The bottom tip can be installed on ergonomic children’s chairs.
  • Helps children to focus on studying.
  • Equipped with an anti-scratch design for floor protection.
  • Model: TA2022K for EGO-C chair(4 pcs)/ TA2021K for BABO/ EGO / DUO chairs(5 pcs)
  • Dimension: Ø 7.5 x H 5 cm
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Product Features

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Product dimension

Product Specification





179g (TA2022K) / 224g (TA2021K)




∮7.5 X H 5 cm / Per 

Kid2Youth Bottom Tips

  Protect your floors and keep your child's chair stable with our chair bottom tips at Kid2Youth! Our chair bottom tips are designed to fit securely over the bottom of your child's chair legs, providing a non-slip grip to prevent the chair from sliding and scratching your floors. Made with high-quality materials, our chair tips are durable and built to last. Plus, our chair tips come to match any chair and room decor. Keep your floors scratch-free and your child's chair stable with our chair bottom tips. Browse our selection today and find the perfect fit for your child's chair!
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Introduce video of Chair accessories

Product dimension

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