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Armrest (for EGO / EGO-C / BABO / DUO chairs)

Kid2Youth Ergonomic Furniture

Product features

  • The children’s armrest is compatible with BABO, DUO, and EGO ergonomic children’s chairs.
  • Extra comfortable for kids
  • Unique saving space design
  • Made in Taiwan with great quality.

Product Features

Extra comfortable for kids

Unique saving space design

Product dimension

Product Specification



Gray + White






W16.5 X D22 X H23 cm

Kid2Youth Ergonomic Armrest


Looking for a comfortable and ergonomic chair armrest for your child's study space? Check out our collection of chair armrests at Kid2Youth! Our armrests are designed with your child's comfort in mind, featuring soft and supportive padding to reduce arm fatigue and provide a comfortable resting place for the arms. Our armrests are also adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect height and angle for your child's comfort. Made with high-quality materials, our armrests are durable and built to last. Improve your child's posture and reduce discomfort with our chair armrests. Browse our selection today and find the perfect armrest for your child's chair!
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Extra comfortable for kids

Unique saving space design

Product dimension

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