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Math Sets

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Product features

  • The set contains: triangle board*2, protractor, storage bag
  • LEGO structure with a 3D design made it easily accessible.
  • A better grasp on level & tilting desktop.
  • Content: Set-square(30°/45°), Protractor, Storage bag, Ruler
  • Weight: Set Square  45/90°(23g) / Set Square 30 & 60 & 90°(14g) / Protractor(21g) / Bag(26g) / Ruler(69g)
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Product Features

The 3D design provides comfort grasp on the desktop

Product dimension

Product Specification


Description / Color

Set Square  45 & 90° (Green) / Set Square 30 & 60 & 90° (Coral red) /Protractor (Aqua green)
/ Bag (White) / Ruler (Deep blue)


PP / OPP bag


11.3W*11.3D*1.5Hcm (Set Square  45/90°) /
16W*9.2D*1.5Hcm (Set Square 30/60/90°) / 15W*24Dcm (Opp bag) / 32W*5D*1Hcm (Ruler)

Kid2Youth Ergonomic Math set


At Kid2Youth, we understand the importance of providing your child with the tools they need to succeed in their studies. That's why we offer our math accessory kit, designed specifically for kids. Our kit includes a range of high-quality math tools, including a ruler, protractor, compass, and set square, all made from durable materials. Our math accessory kit is easy to use and fits perfectly into our range of desks and bookshelves. It's perfect for your child to practice their math skills, draw geometric shapes, and solve problems. With our math accessory kit, your child can master the subject of mathematics and excel in their studies.
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The 3D design provides comfort grasp on the desktop

Product dimension

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